Before The Tears Visit Again

Hello. Went to school Nowadays just nice reached school bell will ring. Had tutorials and lectures. PE 25 minutes golfing. Finally my ball no longer rolling on the ground. Can fly over errrr low net. Have to practice for the badminton net. Lol. Assembly crapped throughout with Ninja and Sumo.

After school stayed back and waited for REAP to start. Borinnnngggg. Almost fell asleep. LOL.
I should really start to sleep earlier. Been dozing off in physics lecture, chinese tutorial and REAP. lol. Tired maximum.
Didn't sleep well the night before. Dreamed of something weird and something pretty sad. Sadly, what I dream usually partially come true. Forget it this isnt the first time anyway.

Ohhh we are banded for chinese. -.- Sian no more 12A together.
I must work hard so I wouldn't be banded to some lousy class next year. Jiayou jie lin! :D

After REAP waited for tim and went civics tgt. ^^ Bought some stuff, made it and hope it's successful.!
Post about it if it is . :D

 Massive PMS today. I'm not exactly feeling down just mad lost about some stuff. And bothered too.
Sorry girls for the attitude. (L) you all no matter what.

Kinda getting use to Apple-c instead of Ctrl-c. ^^

and I want to go to the beach! Miss Tioman much.

Dreams, they never come true.....