The Sun, The Moon And The Star

Yawns. Today woke up quite early though. :) Bathed and prepared. Went out to meet d0. Then after that went to tuition. Met J, Aunty Carol and Girlf. after 2 tuition. J passed me a cake, again. Fats -.-

Went for tuition, then dinner. After that came back home. Wanted to go out with fam but postponed. Tmr gonna check lots of stuffffffffff.

Lol got another tuition. But I can't afford the time. Haizxzx.

I wanna be a nun just that I wouldn't shave my hair. ^^ . Me like this idea. Come I'll join ASWM once I met the criteria. Haaha^^

oh man do I have time for conference? I doubt sooooo :(