Omg I'm going to read through all the stats before heading out tmr. Transportation fares is 1buck over. Heart pain. Adult fare sucks!
Now I know why poly kids complain so much.

Anyhow, gonna make my ezlink hur hate adult fares to the max.
One of the good things about choosing a JC.

Really comtemplating whether to cab to tuition or not just now. You know, top up a couple of dollars and you get comfort.

Another thing I'm thinking codtantly is which wallet to get.

I know I just got 1 from PRIMARK (3pounds) but I figure I'd need a better quality one.
Stained mine on the first day of using. Nice.

Love the canvas material one (beige and pink woo nice). But it will probably suffer the same fate as my coach. Abandon in a corner. Only using the leather strap on my keys lol.
Spent 100 over for the strap. How nice.

So should I get it???? You wna see pictures? Lol.
Another is black leather/nylon. Haven't decide on thenaterial. But it'd be black nylon or leather. Or pink leather.

Want a wallet that would last forever. Lol all don't have the slot to put picture one. How to put cute pictures you tell me. So they will have to go when I successfully take my first couple picture.