The right words. Who has them?


They said,
The more you prepare yourself for something, the better you do when you face it.
Just like the world-class performance you see in dance hall, or the perfect musical you hear with the violin.
They practice and practice, day and night, night and day.
Until perfection.

I tried too.
I tried visualising the moment we break up.
No, I didn't get better handling it.
In fact, it just got worse and worse.
The heartache, the tears, the emotions and fears.
Because you never know when you'll be part of my past.
Because there are some things I will never be able to handle it despite repeating the process a hundred and thousand of times.
Ironically, future is a place I'm scared of and hopeful of.

You agree with me?

Just saying.

This is what you get when Jielin don't sleep hohohoohooo.