Time eater

This picture kinda reminds me of Cambridge, when we were punting you know. Heheee.
12 hours ago I was awake, using computer and 12 hours later (which is now), I'm doing exactly the same thing. Gosh life is so boring. Everyone is out doing their things and I'm cope at home doing nothing. Gonna fix some lunch for myself and wj. At least he's free to chill for a while.

I gonna start revising soon. (since I found something I really want to study in Uni).
I haven't exactly decide yet, but it'd be something related to Chem, bio. Considering the fact I'm pretty much concerned about the environment, green chem will be interesting? Or Bio chem? 
What I think I will really enjoy is beauty industry. But heck will that make a lot of money?
So this is a choice between dreams and interest.
Or I'd just stick to the plain boring business courses and be OL. 9-5 for 5 days. Looool.

Anyhow, have anyone experiences any aching? I am. Every single bone in my soul is crying for help.
Is it my bed? o.o

Guess too much luxury (soft fluffy beds) made my backbone go weak.
Hoooooo. T_____________T Hurts like crazy.

Last thing, the thing about time eater is bugging me like crazy. There seems to be something there, constantly reminding me I don't have much time left. Yes indeed. To prelims.

This is the time eater.