Meeting them is by chance; keeping them is by choice

Dearest sunshine
Heheeeee went to chalet yesterday to celebrate my sister's 21st. Fill in events that day next time. Wanna blog about MMAPIML (my most awesome people in my life)

So glad most can make it.
Hope it wasn't too boring for you. They are like the first few friends I introduced to my family. C:

I hope I hope we can have endless things to talk about, I hope we have time to stick together and just blabber nonsense, I hope we'd really meet out more often after A's! Okay or not?!

Might have said it many times but please tolerate once more: I love you guys! HEHEEEE ♥

Of course, many many many other friends!!
Everyone is so important to me. ^w^


Random notes:
1. Phone died, no Internet, feel like living in a cave.
2. Drinking game again after the celebration ended. With real wine and stuff.
3. Collapsed at 3am. Skipped sun-rise adventure (luckily because they went to the wrong side lol)
4. Slept on a wooden board. Dammmmn hard my back is breaking.
5. Bowling today. Quite fun. Think I'm quite good except I throw the ball instead of rolling them lol.
6. Time to load my mei le jia you. ♥
7. And start mugging soon........ :(
8. Sudden urge to play pool.
9. Wanna meet the girls for mj leh :(
10. A levels faster over!
11. Read my sist's friend name as Alien instead of Allen LOLl.
12. I'm hungry looool.
13. Writing my list of to-dos after Alevels! Can't wait!
14. Gonna run :D (for food and teeeveeeee)
15. I'm a happy girl.