Slow Suicidal Love
I can lie to everyone else in this world but I can't lie to myself. 

Hello ^^. Went for PTM in the morning. Talked with mum. Pretty cool. :D After that separated and went to find xb, aisy and der. Waited for der to finish his lunch and went up to 4th floor and library to conduct survey. Did only like 10+ cause there isn't a lot of people/parents around anyway.

Gonna camp outside kindergarden very soon :o
From the results there seems to be a need for evaluation. Yeap need to work on that after we've finished our survey.

Anyway, can't connect Mac to internet. (my tablet works fine) idk why it's to complicated for a computer noob to use. Haixzxzx.

Plan to go out canceled. I guess I will visit THAT place next time. Slept a while then d0 came my house. ^^Slacked. Walked around after that and I went home. Sleep again.
Now I shall watch tv, play psp and blast songs from ipod touch. Life's pretty awesome. Homework later.
Blog later if there's anything interesting.
Before you let me go, I would let you go.
you know boy, I can go on and on, but I really don't know when you'll stop.