When He Loves You He Would Give You Everything. And When He Don't Anymore You Are Treated Something Less Than Nothing

Wasssssup! I know it's pretty late. Yea screwed time management. .____, Was late for school. wth.
I can't deny I wasn't in the mood for school, I was moving a little slower than usual. Saw 7:30am man walked by and didn't want to move. LOL.

So GP was pretty hilarious, as usual. I guess I should cherish happy GP lessons before I get grilled by Mr See Tho (I believe very soon cause I flunked my super cute NOT timed assignment). After that maths lecture and my eyes are failing me. I see blurry images now :(
Yea I used to have problems with my eyes.. say around 2 years ago. But I sort of recovered, miraculously so I stopped taking care of my eyes. Now it's coming back again? don't want... :(

After that rushed to canteen for food and milk tea (the milk tea kept me awake throughout econs lecture n pw tutorial). Good good. ^^ Shall drink more milk tea now.

Oh econs tutorial changed class with 11A. The tables are... soooo packed. But econs is fun too.Lunch went to Innov8 test drinks, kop-ed a little food from sw and went for physics.Wth I really need to read up on physics I'm like a block of sotong in the class and it's exceptionally stress when I'm sitting beside zizhao. (He scored like more than double of my score for thermal physics) -____- Ya I'm stupid I know.

After school went for detention and then did some chinese before moving off to Redhill.  Sat outside MRT station eating maggie mee. Quite funny whole row of people sitting there eating maggie. Lol.

Had Mr Bean ice-cream and missed 3 buses. Nevermind we're early anyway. Reached SYOG and had nuggets. ^^ Then sat through the talk. ISO is goooooood, nice and slack. I hope I wouldn't meet any trying to be funny people. Cute people are utmost welcome instead. :D

After that camwhored with peepos before going DG with altro, sw and cc. Waited for really long. Buses are so unpredictable, aren't they?

cc separated and the rest of us trained to Raffles place. Thank god got guru sw to bring us around if not I sure lose my way there. Hell messy leh. Crapped throughout with them. But I'm the listener there okay. Both of them are so engrossed in their conversation and I'm like an invisible wall between them.

Haaaa. Altro went off at admiralty, sw's bro picked her up and I went home. Finally reached home at 11. Late and tired.

Anyway thanks Altro for helping to carry my pink laptop bag. Mac's damn heavy ok D: Been bringing to school for 3 days but didn't manage to do pw. WASTE MY EFFORTSSSS LA. NO TIMEEE. Ohhhhh forgot to thank J. Thanks! ^^

Daddy and mummy very nice. Worried (but they didn't pick me uppppp :/) Called and checked for about 5 times within 2 hours. (L)
Gonna have family gathering soooooon!

Just finished supper with fam and a show.. Forgot the name but damn funny.

Alright it's going 2am and I must:
1. do chinese
2. dig out physics
3. pw survey

 PTM tomorrow. Nasty feedbacks, be gone! :D
There's no point anymore..