At times, scared is no longer the word to describe how I feel

So, went to check up on the dentist I'm going to visit very soon. So freaked out. Imagine your gum threatening to fall off any moment. I'm like tasting blood every now and then. It's a little severe, ya I know.
Gonna get it check soon. Hopefully mum will be able to bring me there.

It's mad insane right? Haizzz.

Speaking of doctors, I haven't been going back to my doctor for a while now. I don't know why I chose to go to the one at boonlay. The last time I went for my last appointment is like a year ago.
Shit. Actually, I'm fine now so I'm thinking whether to change my treatment or not.
Wth I shouldn't have paid first. If only I've the money back. THEN I CAN GO FIX MY GUMS YOU KNOW?

Checked the price. Crazy one. If really severe, have to go for an op. Ha? ye chang meng duo. -______-

*cross fingers everything will be okay*

Heading to bed now (life goes on). Tuition plus revision tomorrow.
So worried to the point that I did zero thing today after I reached home.