Koi story

With the end in mind, you will get there

Hihi, tuition was cancelled today so I went to library. Yeap, LIBRARY. Lol. Spent hours there but can't even finish 1 chapter of chemistry.

Met wei loke for lunch at Mos burger before heading back for chem. Seriously noob in chemistry now. Let's not think about physics yet.

Tomorrow will be so damn packed. Guess I've to sacrifice some things here and there. Life.

Have to finish more work/revision because next Saturday is a day dedicated for dearests. Omg me want eat sushi like seriously.

Came home to cook after sitting on the cold, hard chair. Seriously making my back ache like no body's business. Ran all the way to cwp to get koi from weiloke. KOI YES YUP.

Now gonna shower, have dinner and just wait for mei le jia you. Plus drink my koi. Life is complete like this.

Touching work tomorrow.