Life is not always a game

I hope you don't too upset alright? You know who you are :>

Didn't join the peepos today. Guess there wasn't a particular reason for it. Anyhow, it wouldn't make a big difference without me anyway. They will enjoy as well ^^

Soooooo. Staying at home isn't that bad at all. Except the fact that the weather is literally killing me and I've to blast fans around the house. Life, otherwise is pretty good at home.

Been snacking a lot because no body cooked today. Am too lazy to go down to pack some food for myself. Wouldn't die without lunch. Had 6 pieces of bread as replacement. Not dying.

My tiny people quite hip. Know JB and angry birds loool.

Did this just now. Look like a poster but I'm not a fan of myself.

It is actually for....

My drawers. I like to put a piece of something in my drawers because you don't have to wipe that layer of dust when you're cleaning them out. Just take out that piece of dusty paper, clean a little and insert a new piece. So convenient.

So bored so I decided to design it a little. Wanted to go for the polkadot design but am too lazy. So stopped after cutting a couple of circles out. Outcome wasn't that bad, agree?

Time to continue packing.