Packing: The Artistic Corner

A worthwhile 6 hours on packing. I wouldn't deny I am not artistically-inclined but that doesn't mean I would leave this "Art" corner to rot. Basically, I combined two drawers, namely the art corner and stationery corner into one. So glad. Now I've more space for other junk.

Well, if there wasn't my sister, my house will be in a terrible mess. She's really anal about putting the things back to where they were before... which is a damn good thing. Sometimes she'd help me pack my table because the mess is irritating the shit outta her. Lol.


Before that we caught One Missed Call 2 together.
Can't figure out the ending. Do tell me if you watched it and figured out.

One Missed Call 2

Actually, you can skip the trailer. It's super brainless because it shows zero interesting scene. So weird.

Some random shots I took just now.

Other than paint box, I've colour pencil box, crayon box, marker box... etc.
And my sist filed all the coloured paper in a detectable clear folder. So awesome right? This is by far the best thing I like in that corner. So convenient and all. It saves paper as well! You know sometimes you just need a tiny bit of red for small things? If you have been keeping them organised in clear folders, you do not have to utilise another piece!

Btw I like papers to be in their original size.

And behold.... some things we found....

I believe my dad got this for us when I was Primary 1 or 2. Maximum 3. Talk about crazy. I guess the whole buy-more-stock-up trait is in the blood yes?

Took out some to pass it to my nieces and nephews.. or younger kids. Well, can't bear to part with them. Childhood memories.

Enough of all these nonsense. Waiting for my sist to be out from shower, dinner before cramming econs into puny brain again.