Hello Earth.

Well, I got back most of my results. It was bleh. Yes, I did improve. But hello from the grades I obtained from P1, the improvement is nothing (EEUU shitty grades btw wtf).

Roughly 1 more month to A level! :(

Gonna start working hard, bitch everything off.

(I know I'm getting vulgar but wtd I'm stressing, especially for tomorrow)

Having a presentation on our trip to UK. Meh so nervous I almost died during rehearsal. I hope I don't screw up that badly.
*cross fingers*

Presenting one of the most boring parts. So if any J1 that happen to stalk my post *ahem thick skin*, please don't laugh at me okay. And spare me the freaking 3 minutes.
I hope I don't forget my script tomorrow.

This is damn crappy. Wanted to go for a run but the sky looks like it is going to pour any moment. There goes the mood to EXERCISE. Haaaaa. And I should have grab starbucks/coffee bean. Major craving for caramel chocolate.... or anything along that line.
Wouldn't mind any kind-hearted souls knocking my door with a cup of love.

Too freaking lazy to cook dinner. I hope dad is in a good mood today so he'd da-bao my dinner back. He was so freaked out last night. I know it must be really sad for my parents to have kids like us.... lazy, not spend-thrift (No leh I think I'm quite), quite dumb, not obedient and messy like dog. Alright, enough of self-defamation. Looooool okay this is not making much sense so pardon me.

Well, you see, it's time for the nap-of-the-day.. I always don't make sense before napping. (quite prominent in many posts?)