When the hearts meet

2am webcam: as usual waiting for the slow angel. Super duper hungry. (despite after 2 bowls of noodles). Gonna distract myself a little.

Btw, I stated 2am because I foresee she wouldn't be here any moment yet. (1.40am now). Giving her a grace of 20 minutes before I hit the sack. I've major shit tomorrow. Yea coolz. Oh ya, just done with memorising/editing the script and first part of the essay. More work to be finished. I can't stand the fact that my nap last longer than expected. Yes irritating max.

So there goes my time to complete the work. Very mehish. Not going to nap from tomorrow onwards. Instead I'm going to sleep early! :D
I hope.

Hopefully nothing after school tomorrow. Would love to visit NTUC to stock up on food etc and Watsons for some daily random items. Yup, hopefully. And perhaps a short exercise session with lao yan.... then head to her house to do some work (so I can skip the chore of cooking dinner).... Yes I made dinner today. Dad completed the whole process because I'm so effing tired I fell asleep. Wts.

I'm getting irritated because my stomach seems to be louder than the music I'm playing. Gahhhh okay fine time to sleep. Sleep cures hunger pangs. I think.

Super love the song. Idk how to make it play leh. :(
Go manually click!

I don't think I post this song before right?!
Just found it a couple of days ago.

Tonight the stars are shinning bright in the clear sky,
I say a little prayer; I hope you'd hear.