I was scared but I needed to

Before anything, click and play the song! Hahhahaa looping it like crazy, manually.


Today if you know what I went for, good for ya. I mean, it was one of the time-of-my-life. Would I regret? Bleh it is too early to decide now. But.... all I want to say is seriously, at that spilt second I almost wanted to back out. But, I'm glad I've encouragement and care right beside me ^^. Okay la, I believe everything is worth it.
Everything happens for a reason, I'd say. It was a really hard decision... other than deciding whether to go ahead with it or not. I mean, the significance behind.. It'd be the best closure for everything. Haaaaaaaa.so ya, went ahead. Done. Case close.

Talking about closure.... I just had one of the most embarrassing moment in IJC wtfbbbbbbbqqqq throw face max I feel like drilling through the cement at at freaking moment I swear T__________________________T
Okay fine enough of it. *talk to my hand wtf*

Nonetheless, this presentation actually make me miss UK a lot. Despite how packed the schedule was, we did have fun. No? I'm starting to miss everything and everyone wth. Even those I barely talked to.
Some of them are really nice, you know? Others...? Maybe too but I don't really interact with them so I'm not that sure. So sad, some things have to just end like that. End.

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Okay check out the post below (if you haven't. Did it last night 2am. I rock:D)