To date, that is within a span of 5 hours, I vomited 4 times.... not taking into account the number of 'false' alarms.
I'm not even telling you why I'm feeling that way......

no la, no big secret, the reason is as stupid as I am - I ate food that went bad.
Didn't know, or you can say, too lazy to bother.

Paying my price now.


It's zhong qiu jie today but I've totally no appetite. URGH GOOD FOOD.... NOOOOOO~~.

Btw, every time I vomited I really feel like dying. Literally crying.
I don't understand why some girls choose to puke the food they take in just to slim down (aka anorexic)
If I am given a choice, do put me on thread mills. (Almost unbelievable to see JL running hur) You'd see me running miles to shed the fats than the stupid, self-tolerating-until-I-feel-like-dying way.

If, in the future I need to experience this every morning (morning sickness when you're pregnant), I don't want a kid anymore. .__________________________________.
How to study today?