Hooked to blue

Painted my nails last night. But before they dry completely I fell asleep. So some of the polka dots smudged :(
But not very visible to others, so it's okay.

I'm really clumsy and surprisingly this colour didn't turn out to be very bad. I love bright/striking colours but sucks at painting them....

I know I've to go back to school but I've officially graduated, no?
Plus, pretty nails make me feel like working more (aka moving my hands to write)

I love to call it, incentive to study. 

Woke up at like what, 1pm? Haaaa I better wake up early tomorrow. Maybe head to the library.
Wanted to pack some food for sister as a form of birthday celebration (since she's not free on the actual day itself) but she ate already.....

Now, perhaps dinner? 
If so, I would have to travel to cwp in my sleep shirt and shop for yummy food.