I'm still trying

Shit all the revision. Spent about 2 hours crapping with cow. LOOOL Had duck rice for lunch and she had Mos for dinner. That stupid cow, can't even order. LOOOL SEE? I know okay.

Saw many friends in the library as well. Hohoooo.
Ok I said something interesting happened today right?!

It's pretty funny (and random). When we were walking to cwp, we checked out the same guy LOOOOL.
Ok the thing is, both of us are extremely blind and we ALWAYS missed them. And we had the same thinking too.

LOOOL first time people realised I'm looking at strangers. (I don't do it normally because my eye level is their chest hur.) #thesadlifeofasadshortgirl
So dui lian.

Been stalking guys loool. Okay celebrities. Can't help it. Hope to meet one irl!
Not celebrities but someone that cute ehehehhehe. :D:D:D:D

But anyway, saw someone pretty hot in cwp as well. Can't wait to hit the malls again. Lurb lurb.
*turning into some desperate girl*

PS: I think all the studying is making me like a mad jelly~~
I will get over it, soon.