Random notes #1

1. Straighten my hair for 30bucx. Effect will last for about 1month~? got it with yx when we went to purchase hair conditioner. In fact, was psycho into doing it because the lady boss was complaining about how long I didn't rebond my hair. She said the dent is so obvious 1 block away still can see wtf. Got so bad meh?! Anyhow it's 30. So it's fine.

2. Very motivated to study but kinetically not feasible leh. (crazy already)

3. so happy! Met dearests. Love them!

4. Realized lots of my tweets and texts are not read/replied. Will reply them tmr!

5. Doing this post in the toilet, waiting for the mask to sink in!

6. Have loads of awesome things to blog about. Need time! After prelims it shall be.:)

7. Stalking ky on fb, waiting for pictures. I'm mentally prepared for ugly pictures hur!

8. Start dieting after I drink my koi. Ok maybe not dieting, just no more brink eating.

9. Squatting in the toilet is damnnnnn tiring ok. (no chair wth)

10. My phone is left with 2% batt.

11. Banked in 50bucx today! I feel so good saving!

12. Did 1 chapter today (what's new)

13. Swear to god I will work hard. In exchange for happiness for my friends.

14. Omg I love them so much(best thing ever in my life)

15. Ok I shall wash off my mask now see you!