So damn real

1. Finally understood a concept hehehe. Read it for a zillion times I swear
2. Found my long lost eraser! So not use to using normal erasers after I switched to frozen eraser. Was a bit sad because I just bought that one. Everything new! Luckily I found it!
3. Took awesome pictures. Edited using an iphone app (which I said I'd share but didn't). Will do a quick post about it soon. (my soon is real long btw)
4. Changed my casing back to fat kitty face because the one the girls made is falling apart. Need to glue lots of blings back.
5. Went for wedding dinner last ight. Got cute fluffy baby. Omg so cute I'm going to die~~ First time hugging omg so cute so cute. I want one but can my baby don't grow up? and be cute and extremely fair (like a bit impossible). Hate irritating kids btw.Simple and rushed wedding dinner but still, real coolz. Heheeee I'm so excited for mine too. and the cute fluffy baby part as well.c: Pray I don't become lao gu po if not sadlife123 already.
Above is crap.

Love it!
Shall go back to doing Maths. Can you believe it I forgot so many stuff. AND IT'S MATHS WTF.