Against the flow

Updated 9:22pm
ni hao wo you lai le.

Nap was a little too long, shower as well. That made up my whole afternoon.
Had about 30 mins of L4D with the girls just now. Hahaaa crappy shit. I kept shooting them instead of the zombies. A little nauseous but I guess I'd be okay in no time.

Didn't watch transformers yet. Maybe I will after dinner. Maybe. That is if family is not watching kdrama (which I missed a couple of ep and too lazy to chase liao)

Transformers or jia hao yue yuan?
Skipped ah di as well. Will go xinmsn one of these days.

Sorry for the scary picture I took below LOOL. Didn't realise it was so bad until I saw in on my iphone.

Last thing, added lots of primary school friends; I hope they remember me!
Oh well, can't blame them if they don't.

I don't know why my primary school friends so cool. Like really cool. Feels like a family. Was young but met really awesome people there. Everyone feels so familiar. So good.


If I show sw she confirm say ugly, my eyes covered with cow dung. She can't differentiate ang mohs (yes new eyecandy is back to Caucasians yeap) BUT REALLY CUTE.

The whole point is I don't even know who the hell he is.... Just.... saw his picture of twitter and everything just collided. Looool goodbye!

Updated 2:39pm. Hiiii! I'm back!

So tired I'm going to take a nap, wash-up and watch this later!

 Nice I found the disc. Can recap before watching the movie, which is most probably tomorrow!

Can't wait.
Okay maybe my webcam is really pixelated. Lol.

Hi, So I finally wrote what I wanted to out in the previous post. Do check it out if you want.

I can't live in the past y'know? Time to move on.

So, today marks the end of prelim1. Definitely can do much better. Gonna minus all the distractions and plus all the motivation, for both prelim2 and A level. After 11 years of Education, my chance of achieving my life-long goal is finally nearing; yes, make it to University.

That's my parents' wish. Their motivation for slogging so hard for money. They just want the three of us to grow up, to be someone useful in the society, someone happy, someone with morals and character, someone literate and holds a decent-paying job, or even someone successful.

Though going to uni doesn't guarantee that all but at least it is a good start.

It is then I get to live the life I want.


Walked home from the bloody main gate with alanyong. Lol. Talked so much I'm like super thirsty when I reached home. Gulped down 1 bottle of soyamilk *yums*

Okay, 1 packet.

Didn't join the peepos for netball because I was feeling sick and the weather is out to kill. So ya, home is a good choice. Fan is working at 100% efficiency, right at my face. Nice or what?

I've blog posts to clear but I think I've done enough talking today. (typing, to be more exact).
Now time for some movies?

Actually, the thing I want to do most is.... STUDY WTH?

This happens to me allllll the time.

Before exams: Do every other thing except studying
After exams: Don't feel like doing anything except revision.

Teenager. Always rebelling? Loool. Do recommend me good movies ya!

Last thing, who wants a new skin? So fun so fun.