On second thoughts

I am too, one of the souls out there. Another mad selfish soul.

I'm constantly upset with myself. I never think before I speak, especially when I'm angry/not in a good mood. Desperately needs some mood/anger managing skills. Impart me, someone?

when words come out like blades, they cut both ways.
That's right, double-edged sword.

I got to stop blogging about what I feel (I did cool down before I do that post anyway)
Imagine how bad I'd write if I blog at that very... Implusive moment.

It's like, things happening at home. I stopped blogging about them. Any bad shit.
I just, breathe.
Can't let my heart take over my head again.

Wouldn't let 1 unhappy event ruin all we have.

To those that care/bother/love me: I can't swear, but I'd work hard and try my best to control my mood/anger and be less irritating alright!

At least I don't flare up as much. Everytime I control my mood i will feel so happy and will give myself a pat on the back. Finally growing up. Hooooo. Don't care I insist on this point despite the constant figure in height.

I don't wanna lose any of you, including LOML(figure this out yourself if you don't know what is it). Baby, appreciate my efforts! Good bye.

Typed by a weary girl in the middle of the night with super not user-friendly iPhone blogging site.