Blogging and such

Quite sad. My morning is sort of gone... Have to go back to school for UK rehearsal. Dammmz I haven't write the script yet. #diediedie.

I am going to re-organise my posts and stuff. Guess I wouldn't do labelling anymore (too lazy) and perhaps name my posts and all.
That would be neater and much easier for you to search/read/re-read? Okay it shall be so.

Also, would be clearing the posts. Can't decide when to cut from. Wouldn't delete them but would probably shift them to another web.

As for the blogskin, I think I'm sticking to this. Maybe changing the banner (provided I take nice pictures tomorrow). Removing some of the codes because I really hate how the title disallows capital letters, in blue, how my words appear when I underline them or such.. Removing the twitter component because I don't tweet as much as I blog now so there's practically nothing you can update from that corner.
Do follow me if you want. Hahaaaaa no more spam.

That's all.

Town tomorrow :3