Farewell, IJC

I'm very sorry to those that have yet to receive my farewell card :( I don't have enough time to chunk it out. Will pass to you guys and girls when we meet again okay?

Anyway, these are the ones I managed to finish in time.



Seow wen's





Yean Choon's


Xiao Bin's

Jia Chen's

Daniel & Eugene's

Had GP lecture before the farewell. Lots of videos. I especially appreciate those videos done by various subject department. I mean, they really put in a lot of effort and I'm really touched at that instant T___T
Was talking to wl and we both noted that that's how a true blue Innovian should feel?

From the beginning, Innova to me is like a leaping board, touch-and-go. Maybe everything isn't as shallow as it seems? After all, the two years here.... these memories mean a lot to me. The friends, the teachers, the things we did together.... If only the school made us feel that way from the beginning. Perhaps my views would be different today.. Anyhow, it's not too late. At least what happened yesterday really made me understand and cherish the rest of the time I have in the school. I don't know what I'm trying to say. Next.

Got some gifts from the class and teachers :D
From wl! I want my handwritten  500 words note! PS, can see the penguin hahahahah.

And let the pictures do the job:

Penguin rock from Made in Candy. Did you know I love sweets from MIC?

Aisyah and Kris!

Fav girls! :D

CUTE!!! & Happy birthday cc and bb!

Happy :)
With Mr Ong w/o wl

With Mr Ong and Mdm Zalinah

With Mr Lim!

Mdm Chan!

Pocky distribution

Da two :3

This picture is a very memorable one because sw was resting her 100tonne head on my ear. o___o pain. 



Oh, please don't buy things from godforsaken places

Got notes and stuff before heading to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch!

Iphone addicts


Cheese fries ($3,90)
 Love it!! :3 Found an eyelash inside and E requested for a new one hahahaha!

Dory Fish&Chips ($10.90) 
You have to request for the sauce on the fish itself. Really yummy. The tartar sauce was surprisingly good! I hate tartar but I ate a whole lot there.

Grilled Dory ($10.90)
Love the rice! 
I don't know why E's food picture turned out blurry. 
So I would skip his. 

Went around here and there before heading home. 
Credits to Tim and Vinus's DSLR. And thanks V for lending me her Sony. Which, too, snapped awesome picture. Like the one below: