Music ♥

Idkw but I feel I need music all of the sudden. So I went to mixpod (ya I know right) and chose most of my youtube playlist. Sorry if I scare you.... because I jumped when the music started playing. Lol. Anyhow, I spent tons of time searching for various songs/good quality ones. Seriously, any other better sites to have a music playlist with better quality music?
Do recommend if you know!

And by now, if you've realised, it's all in English. Told ya the Jap/korean craze will be over in no time. Sticking to Ang moh songs heheh.. Ohh there's lots of classics as well. If you've the time do listen to them hahahahah.

Something really useful: For some songs (esp Nikki Flores), do increase your speakers' volume. The quality is is booohooo but the songs are awesome.
Volume can be adjusted - see the dot around the play button? Just play around with it.

1. Close to you - Olivia Ong
2. Fly me to the moon - Olivia Ong
3. When - Nikki Flores (you need this louder)
4. I'd lie - Talyor swift
5. I will be - Leona Lewis
6. Behind these hazel eyes - Kelly Clarkson
7. Selfish - Nikki Flores
8. Mine - Avery (prefer Taylor Swift but I can't find hers!) Anyhow, this song reminds of UK sooooo much. This song accompanied me throughout the flight to and from UK. Not forgetting I was humming this tune when we visited the park (Idk what's the name... sadly... you know, the one with swans and such?)
9. First of May - Olivia Ong (this is super old school but it's DAMN nice)
10. I got you - Nikki Flores
11. If I were a boy - Lisa Lavie. (prefer Beyonce but I can't find! >:( )
12. You were my everything - Aviation
13. Erase you - Nikki Flores
14. Price tag - Maddi Jane (I so love price tag by MJ! Yes, she is the one I mentioned. Hooked to the songs she covers)
15. This girl - Nikki Flores

What can't be played :( 
Grenade - burno mars
Bleeding love - leona lewis
Fall for you - secondhand serenade
Rolling in the deep - Adele

Other than Taylor Swift, I love Nikki Flores too! In fact, Olivia Ong as well! I love most of their songs but it's just so hard to find!! You go youtube it on your own, alright?

Byebye my computer's timing screwed up again. I need to be IT rep now looolloool.