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order format
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Collection: Self-collect(will give you directions once confirmed), Normal/Registered mail

*For normal mail, 1~5 items purchased: FREE!
Add $1 for 5 or more items.
For registered postage: Add $2.30 on top of it.

Lóreal volumising mascara.
Waterproof, comes in two tubes - white for lengthening, black for volumising.
Brand new, sealed.

Got it at... the start of the year or so?
Reason for selling: I can't finish my current few plus I received a few more as gifts from my friend.

How it looks like. The older one (in front) is mine.

Testing it for you girls:

Left: original. Right: With
1. No photoshop 
2. No false lashes
3. Didn't use the lengthening one, only 2 coats of volumising tube.

Bought it at: About.. $20 over?
Yours: $12

Just Me by Paris Hilton
Perfume, 50ml.
Got it at the start of the year.
Reason for selling: Wanted to try something more mature but I still prefer floral scents.

Very pretty pink packaging (one of the reasons why I got it)
There is like a gradient effect. Super pretty!

Sprayed like... 3 times or so? Still as good as new.
PS, the dots on the glass of the perfume is the design.

Bought at: I can't remember... but >$50
Yours: $20!

This is for your reference.
I'm standing at 155cm -____- yeah I know.
Waist is approximately 23inches, hip is about 32inches.

Navy Top dress

Look like a normal dress right...? But check out the back!

It's like ribbon-cut. Super cute. 
This is a little too big for me (and really long) but it looks okay with a belt.
So for shorter girls you can do what I do while for taller girls you can wear it without a belt! 
Brand new with tag, never wash never worn.

Reason for selling: Really like this piece but I'm just too lazy to pair it up a nu-bra.

It's a steal for ya!
Bought at: Some bs at $18?
Yours: $9!