Excuses are as easy as ABC

Some things are just like so. You can never make things the same ever again. This very moment will not repeat again. 
Like a shattered mirror; a torn paper.

Even if you manage to piece them back, the crack lines will still be there. Such a simple theory yet there are many blind fellows out there. Breaking things up(literally and the opposite) and regretting. 

Every wrong step is like throwing your piece of mirror on the floor. It might not  have adverse impact but it will. Don't subject yourself to regrets in life so make decisions wisely. 

Is like, once your drop your phone, your phone will keep dropping, no?

Ok maybe you don't really get my point(lousy language). Try alright.

This is typed by a girl with an empty stomach, shivering body, an exploding brain and a heavy heart.

Weird but true, I typed this because I peeled off a sticker and it refused to stick back to the paper nicely anymore. Heyhey this is call learning from real life examples, applying past knowledge, critical thinking and bullshitting because I don't wanna study anymore. Loool

1. Met sw in the library today.
2. Had Mac!
3. Dying
4. Survived on bread today. As in breakfast and lunch.
5. Meeting sm almost everyday looool.
6. Need to shower. Bloody rashes!:(