Random notes #3

1. Unexpected tuition today.
2. Jog around in the afternoon
3. Hands and feet super dehydrated! Spam water tmr
4. All the late nights are showing up.
5. Twitter <3
6. going to study in school tmr. Econs!
7. My nail polish cannot remove. How? Wtf seriously. Shouldn't be lazy and not apply base coat
8. I want play!
9. I want travel around the world!
10. Craving for loads of food now. Always snacking at home and always starving outside. Which is better?
11. 1:11 am now.
12. Will do a random photo post (in case you miss anything on twitter)
13. Thinking of privatizing(correct usage or not?) my twitter acct.
14. My msn app is screwed. I'm not online but I see people talking to me. And when I wanna reply the whole thing wouldn't freaking load! Sorry to those who I didn't reply.