I forgot what I wanna blog about

Firefox is a bitch. Can't check my mail from there. Luckily I've all browsers. Msn app is always down. So hard to online on phone now. :( Meh mehz so if you see me online I'm actually not. Wait, sometimes I am. This is getting too complicated but you can try your luck!
The best is twitter, still. Even if the Internet is at speed of light divide by 10^8 (Yes, I took out and started READING my first physics topic), it will still load. Best ever. Plus you get to interact with people you don't usually talk to. Somehow, I find everyone more friendly there?


This is a tad random but below were the few things I'm constantly thinking about for the past couple of days
1. Get a camera after prelims
2. Shopping with litingliting
3. Switch out of hotmail (SO IRRITATING)
4. Start working hard and smart

Am super duper lethargic. Will most probably stone on the com chair for the rest of the night.
I am sooooooooo drained today. God knows why. I roll around the house via com chair. Takes like 1 min to stand up and charge my phone. And I napped like 4 times today. Not short 10 mins or what. Each nap is about 1~3hours.
Hur I am prepared to die in prelims. -____-
I don't want leh. Howz someone help me. :(
I strongly believe a sloth spirit is in me.

Though I forgot what I wanna blog about, I typed loads of crap here to entertain you for a min or two.