Lucid Dreaming

Something quite awesome. As of how true it is, I don't really know. Anyhow, I've experienced this lucid dreaming thingy for a couple of times. I thought I bei gui ya wtf. HAHAAAAA SO IGNORANT.

Anyhow, I tried doing it last night and it sorta succeed. Except the fact that I'm toooooooo tired I can't take it any longer so I went to sleep. Maybe you can try tonight.

Took height and weight. So glad I didn't shrink as much as I thought I would. 1cm, ok la not that bad. Lost 0.3kg. Not badz.

Okay, had family dinner today. Such a rare thing. Everyone was dying from hunger. Had only like 2 breads for the whole day.

Time to start work. Been slacking for the past hour.