So it's finally coming to an end

Okayz I'm back. Exams stress pardon my pms.
You don't know man, everyone is working so hard but I only like read through most of the work.

Generally, maths p1 was hard while p2 was okay. Surprising. Last min stuffing all the stuff into my brain. Study so hard for hypothesis testing and I leave that question blank.

Chem. Crap chem. Paper 3 is seriously not for my caliber. Chem is like the only subject I finished all the revision yet I feel sooooooo.... Unprepared? Damn. I can't do every single question. So... Tried to write anything I remember. With all the wrong conditions. Surprisingly p1 was more manageable. Maybe a good pass.

Er er physics. Barely touch that sub. 1 chapt of quantum during holidays and the read through the summary Vinus gave. Luckily Ive that. I like lost most of my notes. Maybe they are lying somewhere.

Lastly, econs. Forgot abt income thingy.. But can use info I learned from uk. Not bad. Okayz.

Dedicate 1 day for physics and econs. At least must finish the run you know!
3days; finished 20ep of kdrama I've been talking about!(:(: nice.