Exercise like now

Didn't join the peepos for frisbee T____T Regretting right now. FATS WHY YOU NO LEAVE?

Plan to lose like 1 kg today. Can or not? Wth want to leave a nice number on my report card/health card/whatever.

Okay have to try yup.

So went for tuition after lazing in bed till about noon.
Ate so much omg I'm going to burst. Like seriously, so so so so much. Can add up to everything I plan to consume in a day.
Haven't had dinner at home yet. Which makes me feel... weird. A table full of delicacies. yums. Should I just.. grab something?

Meh no matter what, I've to finish my caramel chocolate today because it is expiring soon. Not going to waste such a good thing. They tasted REALLY good.

Crap I've econs homework to finish. Jiayou!